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Black Robe Regiment

Welcome to The Black Robe Regiment

Our Story

The Launch

 The Black Robe Regiment was founded in Virginia by Rev. William Cook in September 2012 to be an organization of clergy who embrace their legacy in the “Pulpit of the (American) Revolution,” who, with full reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, have mutually pledged to each other, their Lives, their Fortunes and their sacred Honor to “securing the Blessings of Liberty to themselves, and to their Posterity.”

Our inaugural commissioning was held on September 19, 2012 at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia, with retired Lt. Gen. William G. (“Jerry”) Boykin, a clergyman and Executive Vice President of the Family Research Council, as our keynote speaker. Other speakers included Don Blake, Chairman &President of the Virginia Christian Alliance, Lea Carawan, Executive Director of the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, Rev. Bill Cook, Founder & CEO of the Black Robe Regiment of Virginia, Michael P. Farris, founding president of both the Home School Legal Defense Association and Patrick Henry College, Chris Freund,  Vice President of Policy & Communications for The Family Foundation, John Guandolo, Founder & President of Guandolo Associates and Understanding the Threat, Bishop E.W. Jackson, President of STAND, Dean Welty, Director of the Valley Family Forum, and Rev. Travis Witt who reenacted Rev. John Peter Gabriel’s Muhlenberg’s January 1776 sermon in which he announced that he was leaving the pulpit for the battlefield to take a commission as a Colonel in the Continental Army.

Pastors in attendance were deeply moved by General Boykin’s inspiring message, and when Bishop E.W. Jackson issued the call for ministers to join the Black Robe Regiment of Virginia, every minister in attendance stood to his feet and came forward at the invitation, committing himself to the cause. Thus the Black Robe Regiment of Virginia was born.

Charter Members (Listed Alphabetically)

  • Pastor Alfred Archer, Senior Pastor, Cedar Lane Bible Way Church, Ashburn, VA
  • Don Blake, Chairman and President, The Virginia Christian Alliance, Richmond, VA
  • Lt. General Jerry Boykin, Executive VP, Family Research Council, Washington, DC
  • Rev. Pierre Bynum, Chaplain, Family Research Council, Washington, DC
  • Rev. Bill Cook, Founder & CEO, Black Robe Regiment of Virginia
  • Pastor MichaEl Hirsch, Senior Pastor, Calvary Christian Center, Fredericksburg, VA
  • Bishop E.W. Jackson, President, STAND (Staying True to America’s National Destiny)
  • Rev. John Nuzum, Church of the Holy Spirit, Leesburg, VA
  • The Rev. Tom Simmons, Rector, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Purcellville, VA
  • Pastor Gary Smith, Church of the Nazarene, Leesburg, VA
  • Rev. Jack Stagman, Purcellville, VA
  • Rev. Travis Witt, Gilboa Christian Church, Lynchburg, VA

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