Blessings Of Liberty

Working with pastors and their flocks
to take back America!

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Opening Black Robe Regiments All Across America

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Our Vision

Overseeing the deliberations and actions of local government.

Serve as “curators” (“salt and light”) within their local communities and government.

Be “watchmen on the wall,” alerting the church and local community of tyranny.

Lead the Christian community in turning from sin to righteousness, teaching a biblical worldview.

Asserting their influence and that of their flocks in local government.


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About Us

Black Regiment was a derisive British reference to the black-robed Americanclergy, who the British regarded “chief agitators of the Rebellion” (i.e. “War for Independence”) of the colonies against British rule. for by the time the war began on April 19, 1775, preaching had made the political worldview embodied in the Declaration of Independence ubiquitous.

The contribution of the American clergy to the monumental act of Independence cannot be overstated, for the patriot pastors had “effected a revolution in the hearts and minds of the people,” (John Adams) before the war commenced.

Only those who are “born again” can fully understand and secure “the Blessings of Liberty.” Because most evangelical leaders today insist on obeying the unconstitutional Johnson Amendment, rather than preaching the whole counsel of God, political sermons, which were commonplace in America for over 300 years, are rare, and true Liberty has laguished as a result.

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